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The Minnesota Division for Early Childhood (MN DEC) is a statewide membership organization for those who work with or on behalf of young children with disabilities and other special needs.

MN DEC promotes policies and advances evidence-based practices that support families and enhance the optimal development of young children who have or are at risk for developmental delays and disabilities.

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It is MN DEC's mission to promote policies and advancement of evidence-based practices. We continue to work in partnership with the Centers of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities so those in Minnesota who work with or on behalf of children with disabilities will have current information and connections at their fingertips. MN DEC is excited to provide information on our statewide activities and policies and practices in the field of early intervention and early childhood special education through this website. 

We welcome your feedback, questions, and ideas for improvement of this website and MN DEC activities. Watch the MN DEC Spotlight! You may see someone you know in the future!

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  • July through September   Help Me Connect   demos

  • September 20 - September 24, 2021   The Division for Early Childhood's 37th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Disabilities & Their Families (Virtual)

Help Families Thrive with Help Me Connect
Caring for young children can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences and it’s difficult to know where to start looking for resources when families want help supporting their little ones!

Minnesota Help Me Connect is a new online navigator that connects pregnant and parenting families with young children birth to 8 years of age with services in their local communities that support healthy child development and family well-being.

The Help Me Connect navigator was built to support early childhood service providers across the state and enhance their partnership with families in finding resources they want or need to be healthy, strong and safe. Providers can search for a variety of available programs and services closest to a family’s home address such as health and well-being services, early learning and child care programs, disability resources and services, basic needs, COVID-19 resources, and Tribal Nation programs and services (see Help Me Connect Provider handout). Providers can also create a unique account to save favorite searches and resources for future use. 

There will be several live demos held over the summer for anyone to participate in. Watch the Preschool Development Grant Help Me Connect webpage for dates and times – June: 6/9 and 6/17.  Online video tutorials will be available in July.

All are encouraged to share suggestions for improvements and new resources with the Help Me Connect team at Let us know if we can join an upcoming meeting, training, or conference to share more about Help Me Connect.

Help Me Connect was created based on suggestions from parents and providers looking for an early childhood “one-stop shop” that connects families to local resources.  It is a joint initiative between the Minnesota departments of Education, Health, Human Services and the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet

Covid-19: Please see the Resources section for specific information regarding and Early Childhood.



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