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Eden Prairie Schools ECSE Team received a $500.00 MNDEC Mini-Grant during the 2014-15 school year.  Our team submitted a proposal to increase sensory items to be available to all students in our inclusion preschool settings in our school district.

Over the years, we had observed that many children benefit from a fidget or a simple sensory item to assist in self-regulation and calming during classroom activities such as circle time and transitions. As special education staff, we often receive requests to try out squishy fidgets or cushion sits. 

Eden Prairie Schools created kits for staff to use with all children in inclusion rooms. The kits included directions and simple activities that all staff could use. We also used the grant money to print and laminate colored versions of (TACSEI) Social-Emotional Pyramid tools to use in the classroom. Eden Prairie Schools has been a TACSEI site for the past two years. Five kits were created and staff took documentation regarding how the materials were utilized in the classroom settings. 

Impact:  2017-18 School Year.  We are seeing long-lasting impact of this action research.  Each of our classroom teams have access to materials for all students to access simple fidgets, sensory items and a variety of seating options for students.  This approach to sharing ideas and materials that are useful for all students has helped our students be able to self-regulate and participate more appropriately in classroom activities

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