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ECSE teacher working with ECSE-preK.  ECSE Licensure or Variance required.   Salary based on experience and qualifications. Apply  online at   Open until filled.   (Will remove from MNDEC site approximately January 30.)

The Center for Inclusive Child Care (CICC) is searching for is searching for a new Executive Director beginning Spring, 2019. The CICC is a centralized, comprehensive resource network supporting quality, inclusive care for children in community settings. CICC provides relationship-based professional development (RBPD) including support, training, modeling and resources to childcare programs throughout Minnesota with an emphasis on infant toddler care and health & safety practices. The CICC is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, foundation grants and earned income.  The CICC is in the process of gaining 501c3 status. Concordia University, St. Paul, MN has been the fiduciary host for CICC since 2001. We are seeking an Executive Director who can lead the organization through the transition and beyond for future growth and expansion of the organization's impact.

Position will be posted on INDEED and MN Council of Nonprofits

Contact Board Chair Karen Fogolin for a more detailed job description and information.

(Will remove from MNDEC site approximately February 15)